Veterans Assistance

Veterans and Dependents of Veterans Benefits
Contact Veterans' Affairs Coordinator at Allegany College of Maryland, (301)784-5198, or call (toll free) 888-442-4551

Veterans, children or spouses of veterans killed or disabled in the line of duty. Vietnam-era veterans. Benefits not automatic; please contact Allegany College of Maryland Veterans' Coordinator.

Apply through ACM Veterans' Affairs Office

Apply as soon as possible during the year that school entry is planned (preferably well before the school year begins).


Edward T. and Mary A. Conroy & Jean B. Cryor Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship benefits members of the following groups or their surviving dependents: disabled or deceased Veterans, Vietnam War POW/MIAs, disabled or deceased public safety employees and volunteers, and 9/11 victims.  Click link below for specific eligibility requirements. The deadline for this scholarship is July 15th and applications should be turned into the Student Financial Aid Office at ACM. The award amount varies, depending on the amount of your cost of attendance and other financial aid resources.

Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant
If you are not eligible for a Federal Pell Grant, but your parent or guardian was a member of the U.S. Armed Forces and died as a result of service performed in Iraq or Afghanistan after 9/11/2001, you may be eligible for this grant.  You must have been under 24 years old and enrolled in college, at least part-time, at the time of your parent's or guardian's death.  This is a grant and does not have to be repaid.  The grant award is equal to the Federal Pell Grant maximum award.  See the Student Financial Aid Office for instructions on how to apply.
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