Bedford County Regional Education Foundation Early College Scholarship

Amount varies per semester and is dependent upon Early College tuition rates.


  • Be accepted by Allegany College of Maryland as an Early College student.
  • Attend one of the Bedford County High Schools including Bedford, Chestnut Ridge, Everett, Northern Bedford, Tussey Mountain, Hope for Hyndman or other PDE recognized educational program.
  • Have a GPA of 3.0 or higher (Guidance counselors must verify this GPA by signing the application).
  • Attend Allegany College of Maryland Early College classes in your high school or at the Bedford County Campus of ACM.
  • Complete and sign the scholarship application and attach an essay which describes the reasons you wish to take an Early College class, your future goals, your family's financial situation, and your need for this scholarship/financial assistance.
  • Applications for the Fall semester are due to the Bedford County Campus on or before July 1st. Applications for the Spring semester are due to the Bedford County Campus on or before October 31st.
  • Applications are available at the Bedford County Campus or through high school guidance counselors.
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