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Athletics Mission, Vision, & Goals

Athletic Director
Vision Statement

Be an elite regional athletic institution that provides unique experiences and opportunities to our student-athletes, employees, and community that promotes a culture of growth and success.


Mission Statement

Enrich the lives of student-athletes, employees, and our community though academic and athletic excellence, provide learning experiences that prepare them for real world challenges, and develop the dispositions and habits of success.


Athletic Goals

1. Create a culture conducive for the academic success of students within the athletic department.
2. Provide high quality academic and athletic services and experiences to our student-athletes that are of the highest quality. 
3. Address the changing departmental staffing needs. 
4. Increase the funding and revenue gap within the athletic department.
5. Invest in the growth and development of the staff.
6. Provide elite athletic facilities that meet the needs of our student-athletes and community, positively impact recruitment/retention/transfer/graduation rates, and meet MDJUCO, Region XX, and NJCAA requirements. 

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