ACM Movement Challenge


Congratulations to everyone who has participated in the challenge!!!

Getting a recommended 60 minutes of physical activity daily has many benefits that not only improve physical and mental well-being, but can reduce stress levels and boost energy, so take a minute to celebrate what you have accomplished!



Prizes will be awarded to top three highest scoring individuals and teams, and everyone’s name will go in the hat for smaller random prize drawings throughout the challenge. 


Join the #ACMmove60 Facebook Group!

Feel free to join and post your activity pictures/videos, motivational messages, and challenge related discussions!




#ACMmove60 Leaderboards



Rank Team Total
1 Bedford Mighty Movers 248
2 Team Hector  235
Team Achilles 233
4 The Nursing Onliners 176
5 All About That Pace 145
6 Sweaty Chalk Walkers 118


Rank Team Total
1 Douthitt 46
2 All Pain, No Gain 23
3 Team Tina 14
- Inspire to Motivate -


*Leaderboards updated 5/17/2022 2:40 PM

Point Structure:

A maximum of 2 points can be earned by each team member on most days.

  • Earn one point for any 60 minutes of physical activity or 7200 steps.
  • A second point can be earned by participating in the March Six-Pack Challenge and/or the April Super Challenge. (no challenge points given on rest days but the other point above can be earned every day!)


*Please note: The extra point for posting a photo/video to social media has been removed, however an #ACMmove60 Facebook group has been created to inspire others and keep you accountable.   

Challenge Calendars

Printable versions available here


March Six-Pack Challenge Calendar

March - April calendar


April/May Super Challenge Calendar

April-May calendar


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