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Career Advising and Exploration

Career Advising

The Student Success Center in Cumberland and the Student Services' offices at the Bedford and Somerset Campuses,  offer career advising services to students who wish assistance with career planning. The career exploration component of the SSC offers assistance in:

  • Selection of a major field of study
  • Self-assessment of interests, values, and aptitudes
  • Understanding the world of work utilizing career and occupational information
  • Career decision-making
 Career Exploration

In addition, the Student Success Center and Student Services' Offices in PA offer the following Career Exploration Services: 

Individual Career Counseling
If you are feeling confused, cannot seem to make up your mind about choosing your major, need information about different occupations, are trying to fit your career goals into the other parts of your life, or just want someone to talk to about anything related to your present or future career, schedule an appointment with our Coordinator of Testing and Career Advising, 301-784-5235.  For services at the Bedford County Campus, contact the Bedford County Campus at 814-652-9528, ext. 6204, and the Somerset County Campus at 814-445-9848, ext. 6106.

Self-Paced Computer Assisted Career Guidance
Set your own pace for career decision-making and type focus with a user-friendly computerized system. Computer-based career guidance offers an opportunity to learn about your interests, values, and abilities, and how "who you are" relates to specific career fields. This program will suggest lists of occupations suited to your unique needs, and will let you research those occupations right at the computer. Up-to-date information about salary, employment outlook, educational requirements, and much more is available on hundreds of occupations. Information on educational options including post-secondary institutions, private career schools, and military training programs is also available

Personality and Career Inventories

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Strong Interest Inventory (Strong), are excellent assessments that help students discover more about themselves and why they are drawn to different careers. This kind of insight is an important step in career development. Appointments can be made over the phone, in person or by e-mailing Bill Devlin at the Cumberland Campus, Deb Hoover at the Somerset County Campus, or Robin Swindell at the Bedford County Campus. 


Career Information
Read about hundreds of occupations in easy-to-read books and pamphlets designed to give the facts you need to make informed career decisions. Videos are available explaining the career decision-making process and providing occupational information.



  • America’s Job Bank allows the user to search for jobs by specific career interest and by state.

  • Allows the job seeker to search classified advertisement in over 90 major newspapers throughout the United States.

  • Allows you to search for jobs by region and area of career interest. You can also post your resume on the web using this site.

  • This site post jobs openings in the computer industry

  • The Occupational Outlook Handbook website allows the user to research various aspects of particular careers, including job outlook, earnings, and nature of work, just to name a few.

  • This site provides occupational and economic information about various careers.

  • This site provides career interest surveys and career information.
Contact Us

For information concerning Career Advising, contact in person or by phone the Student Success Center, Room H-58 of the Humanities Building, (301) 784-5551.



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