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Service-Learning and Civic Engagement Student Handbook

Our Mission

The Allegany College of Maryland's (ACM) Service Learning and Civic Engagement (SL/CE) volunteer center provides students, faculty, and staff with the opportunity to engage in rich and challenging learning opportunities through volunteering, service learning, and civic engagement projects.

We engage diverse partners to develop student leadership skills and enhance the life of the community both locally and globally. Additionally, students have the opportunity to gain valuable work experiences, connect with potential employers, and explore career interests that will meet their future employment goals.

There are three types of experiences available through the SL/CE center:

1) Volunteer Activities

2) Service Learning Opportunities

3) Civic Engagement

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Volunteer Activities:

Many volunteer activities are available for students to get involved with through the Service Learning and Civic Engagement Volunteer Office. Activities range from one-day volunteer projects to ongoing weekly opportunities at local nonprofits. This might include spending time working at the local animal shelter, rescue mission, food bank, or other site. The goal is to connect students to available opportunities as well as track and report their contributions to the ACM community, future employers, and academic contacts.



Woman on Phone HelpingService-learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with class room instruction and reflection. The goal is to enrich learning experience and strengthen communities. For example, an instructor might ask a student to volunteer at a nonprofit to fulfill a written assignment that applies to a class learning objective.



Civic Engagement:

Group of StudentsCivic engagement means working to make a difference in the civic life of our local and global communities and developing the skill sets needed to be a leader. ACM is a charter member of The Democracy Commitment, a national initiative that develops civic learning and democratic engagement among America's community college students. This means that the college works to build specific skill sets that will strengthen students to become tomorrow's community leaders.



Community Partners:

For More Information:

Please contact us at the Service Learning and Civic Engagement (SL / CE) Volunteer Center Office (Mike Bittner at (301) 784-5643 or Diane McMahon (301) 784-5113) for more information or email We are available to meet with you to talk about any questions or ideas that you may have.


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