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Office of Instructional and Student Affairs

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An Allegany College of Maryland education means small classes, hands-on experience, and more instructor attention. ACM offers small student-to-teacher ratios and the learning is hands-on using state-of-the-art equipment and real-world settings.


The MISSION of Instructional and Student Affairs

The mission of Instructional and Student Affairs is to support and promote students and faculty engagement in a culture of learning and service to help students meet their educational goals.

About Us...

We are dedicated to carrying out the academic mission of Allegany College of Maryland and are here to help our students achieve success.

We are proud of our faculty composed of talented instructors, advisors and specialists in their field. Whether in the classroom, the laboratory, the studio, or out in the community, these faculty members strive to provide innovative and challenging instruction to our students.

Our student body enjoys the option of taking classes in a traditional classroom setting or on-line.

The Office of Instructional and Student Affairs(ISA) is responsible for helping both students and faculty achieve their academic goals. Along with deans, directors, and department heads, ISA administers and reviews existing programs and develops new programs. The Office also facilitates academic policies and procedures for students and faculty.

The Senior Vice President for Instructional and Student Affairs oversees all academic programs and learning resources and is responsible for the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of credit and non-credit instructional programs.

The Office of Instructional and Student Affairs is located in the College Center, Room 407.  Office hours are 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.



The Office of Instructional and Student Affairs has outlined the following goals:

  • Goal One: Streamline the student engagement processes to ensure a quality student experience from enrollment, retention and progression to student success.
  • Goal Two: Promote the cultural competence of faculty, staff, and students.
  • Goal Three: Create and maintain a highly qualified and award winning faculty and staff devoted to excellence in teaching inside and outside the classroom.
  • Goal Four: Create a technologically competent institution that utilizes current and emerging technologies to allow students, faculty and staff to be globally prepared for the new-knowledge economy.

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Allegany College of Maryland does not discriminate against students or prospective students for reasons of race, sex, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, age, veterans status, conditions of disability, or sexual orientation in admission, educational programs and activities, scholarship and loan programs, or any terms and conditions of enrollment. The College complies with applicable state and federal laws and regulations prohibiting discrimination. - See more at:
Message from the VP

Message from the Interim Senior Vice President of Instructional and Student Affairs

Tectonic shifts are occurring in higher education. Skyrocketing student debt coupled with the emergence from the historic recession has students and parents laser-focused on college completion, job preparation, and "return on investment" metrics. Politicians and their educational policies view a highly educated workforce as a means to rejuvenate the middle class. Yet, decreased public funding of higher education paradoxically reveals that a college degree is no longer viewed as a public good and for the collective betterment of our society.
Historically, two-year open access colleges, or community colleges, were referred to as democracy's schools for their open access policies and willingness to accept all who apply. Community colleges have possessed dual public missions: a civic mission devoted to educating students for participation in democracy and an economic one in which students are prepared for their future vocations. Currently, the economic mission has come to dominate to the detriment of the civic.
In graduate school, one of my professors admonished his students who were educational professionals not to lose focus on the ultimate purpose of our work despite these strong gravitational forces: "it's all about the learning." Despite the instability and change that also affects the college; a strong commitment to the educational needs and goals of our students at Allegany College of Maryland remains paramount. ACM is an institution comprised of faculty, staff and administrators that place students at the center of all they do. An institution committed to meaningful interactions with students in order to prepare them for transfer, work, or life. An institution reconciling the historical dual public missions of community colleges: educating for work as well as educating for democratic participation and engagement. Simply put, we are in the business of helping people to positively transform their lives as well as their communities. And we take this charge very seriously. We collectively and constantly remember that "it's all about the learning."

Dr. Kurt Hoffman
Interim Senior Vice President
of Instructional and Student Affairs


ISA Contacts


Kurt Hoffman, Ed.D.

Interim Senior Vice President of Instructional and Student Affairs



Nicole Frost

Executive Assistant to Interim Senior Vice President of Instructional and Student Affairs




Fran Leibfreid

Associate Dean of Instruction




Lynn Grimm

Administrative Assistant to the Associate Dean of Instruction




Connie Clifton

Dean of Enrollment, Academic, and Student Services




Susan Cecil

Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Enrollment, Academic, and Student Services


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