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The PTA program offered by Allegany College of Maryland is considered a 1+1 model. This is where students complete the General Education Courses (Phase I), which can be completed in as little as one or as long as five years, and then apply to the PTA Clinical Phase (Phase II). This is a convenient model for non-traditional students wishing to complete the General Education Courses over a period of time. It is also excellent for students who hold bachelor's degree in related fields such as athletic training and exercise physiology and wish to work as a PTA.

ALL of the requirements for application into Phase II of the Program must be submitted to the PTA department by the May 1st DEADLINE of the year in which the student is applying. These requirements include SUCCESSFUL completion of:

  1. the ACM College Application Form;
  2. the PTA Program Application Form;
  3. all General Education (Phase I) courses with a grade of “C” or better;
  4. minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 for all Phase I courses;
  5. forty (40) documented volunteer hours with a licensed Physical Therapist/Physical Therapist Assistant performed within the year of application at two different facilities. Twenty (20) of the forty (40) hours must be in a hospital or long term care setting and the remaining 20 hours must be in an outpatient setting. The observation forms must be submitted directly to the College PTA Department by the supervising PT at the clinical facility by May 1st. The observation evaluation must be submitted in a confidential manner or it will not be accepted;
  6. a written response to an essay question;
  7. a meeting with the PTA Program Director or Clinical Coordinator within 6 months prior to the May 1st deadline to be sure the file is complete. This meeting may be via face to face, phone, or e-mail at the discretion of the Program Director;
  8. the professional interview process with a 70% or higher.

Admission to the Clinical Phase (Phase II) of the Program is competitive and completion of the above requirements does not guarantee admission. Please contact the Physical Therapist Assistant Program for complete information on the application process. Students planning to transfer into this program should consult with an advisor or the Student Success Center regarding specific program and course transfer issues.