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What Has Happened in Your Life? (C/S214)

What elements go into telling a personal story or any good story for that matter? How would you go about telling or writing down some of your very own tales? These are some of the questions professional storyteller Katie Ross will be tackling in these sessions. She will be basing much of this class on internationally known storyteller Donald Davis' book Telling Your Own Stories using some of his prompts. In addition, as an example of a personal story, Katie will be sharing one of her own. Time will be spent on a heightened awareness of the five senses to enhance a story. Finally, participants in this life enriching course will be given time to share snippets of their own personal stories on a voluntary basis. This class is highly interactive! Music will be a part of some of these sessions as Katie's husband Otto will from time to time provide some appropriate accompaniment. Find out how and why the main character of your life story is you.

4/7- 5/5, Mondays (5 sessions)
6:30-8:00 PM.
ACM: CE-19
Instructor: Katie Ross
Course Cost: $45.00
Maryland Senior Course Cost: $9.00