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The Lost Art of Cursive Writing (C/S054)

Imagine the Declaration of Independence sent via text? What if the U.S. Constitution was a series of emails? Unimaginable! In today's high-tech world many people feel that cursive is not useful for our students and should be replaced with computer skills, but wouldn't it be nice to be able to read an original historical document or a manuscript that was written by your great grandmother? What do all those loops and letters really mean? Are their ways to improve your own penmanship? Join instructor Kathy Miller as she guides students in this class through the lost art of cursive writing, exploring its history, technique and why it remains a vital and important part of culture. This class will help to sharpen your writing skills and allow you to be more comfortable with reading and writing in cursive. About the instructor: Kathy Miller has spent 42 years teaching elementary students in Prince Georges County and Allegany County. During those years she has spent many hours teaching cursive writing. Kathy has long thought that cursive writing is becoming a lost art but needs to continue as an important skill that children should acquire and adults should treasure.

3/5- 4/9, Wednesday (6 sessions)
6:00-7:00 PM
ACM: H-24
Instructor: Kathy Miller
Course Cost: $39.00
Maryland Senior Course Cost: $9.00