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Introduction to Paranormal Investigating (C/S200)

Ever wonder what it was like to hunt spirits in the dead of night? To talk to those who have passed on? To communicate with the other side? The Western Maryland Paranormal Society is a not-for-profit group whose purpose is to research and investigate evidence of paranormal phenomenon in Allegany and Garrett Counties using scientific practices and methods. Their goal since their founding has been to investigate claims of paranormal activity and to help all who are dealing with something paranormal in nature. Participants in this class will learn the terms and methods used for "ghost hunting," including Electronic Voice Phenomenon. The course will include classroom instruction, a history of the WMPS and paranormal investigation in general as well as known "haunted" local sites and will culminate with a real "field investigation" outside the classroom. Whether you're already a believer or a skeptic, this course could open your eyes to a new and growing area of interest. Materials needed: Students should have comfortable walking shoes for last class. Register early. Class is limited to 12 participants.

4/22-5/20, Tuesdays (5 sessions)
7:00-9:00 PM
ACM: CE-20
Instructor: Sid Evans and Scott Shreve
Western Maryland Paranormal Society
Course Cost: $45.00