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Solutions to DeClutter and Simplify Your Life (C/S128)

Spend more time with family and friends; keep everything in its place and go to sleep with a clear mind. This doesn't have to be just a fantasy. Transform your busy, chaotic life into an organized, peaceful one. Learn how to decide what to keep, what to trash and what to donate, how to organize what remains, how to set aside time for going through your belongings, deciding what activities to keep and which to ditch, deciding who to keep in your life and who is toxic. Participants will learn strategies for simplifying all aspects of their lives. Please bring a brown bag lunch. The Instructor, C.J. Cangianelli, M.Ed., is a Holistic Life and Wellness Coach, Stress Management Coach, Law of Attraction Practitioner, Organizer, Speaker and Columnist for Allegany Magazine. She has been teaching at ACM for the past four years and is the author of Thrive: A Life Journal (2012).

3/20, Thursday (1 session)
9 AM-3 PM
Instructor: C.J. Cangianelli
Course Cost: $44.00