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Improve Your Body Mind Wellness (C/S269)

So many people are suffering with obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression, anxiety and addictions. They are eating processed foods, taking pills for all sorts of conditions, drinking energy drinks and experiencing insomnia. They feel like they don't have the time and energy to devote to becoming well. The awesome thing about wellness is that you can start making little lifestyle changes today and your body, mind and soul will start to heal. Wellness topics include attitude, fitness, nutrition, sleep, stress, elimination, medical conditions, alternative healing and environmental toxins. Over three weekly sessions, you will develop personalized goals and strategies, face and overcome obstacles, build confidence and support other classmates on their journey to become well. The Instructor, C.J. Cangianelli, M.Ed., is a Holistic Life and Wellness Coach, Stress Management Coach, Professional Organizer, Motivational Speaker and Columnist for Allegany Magazine. She has been teaching at ACM for the past four years and is the author of the journal, Thrive: A Life Journal (2012).

4/2, 4/9, 4/16, Wednesday (3 sessions)
5:45 PM-8:15 PM
ACM: H-18
Instructor: C.J. Cangianelli
Course Cost: $64.00