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Civil War Series Part One (C/S257)

When This Cruel War is Over: The Politics and Culture of the War Between the States

This class is the first in a series of studies of the Civil War in honor of the War's 150th anniversary. In this class, students will study the history of slavery and the abolitionist movement in the United States; delve into the culture of the period including music, clothing, architecture, theatre, literature, art and etiquette; follow the political situation which led to the secession of the southern states; and study selected battles from the war. Students will hear live performances of music of the period, view clothes from the period, conduct a debate in class choosing sides in the secession issue, and hear intriguing anecdotes, excerpts from letters and journal entries which will illustrate the mood of the country and the painful difficulties into which the people were driven. Students will also gain an understanding of what life was like for the African Americans who were the greatest victims of the lifestyle favored by the citizens of this country. Please note that this class will focus on politics and culture of the period, and will not be primarily dealing with military issues or battles. If you are interested in the pre-war and war period, its atmosphere and culture, and in learning about the causes of the war and the political and ideological views on both sides, this is the class for you.

2/5- 4/2, Wednesdays (9 sessions)
7:00-9:00 PM
ACM: H-2
Instructor: Ellen McDaniel-Weissler
Course Cost: $62.00
Maryland Senior Course Cost: $9.00