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Sign Language, Beginning (Signed English) (VTE200)

This Signed English class is an introductory Sign Language class in the principles of manual communication where sentence structure is emphasized and a sign is executed for every word in a sentence. The goal of this course is to make students comfortable communicating and practicing with deaf persons; including the work place, social gatherings, and emergencies. In addition, the overall objective is to further integrate the deaf into general society by helping to increase the number of hearing persons who know Signed English. This course will also familiarize students with what deafness means to the deaf person, the family, and the community. Deborah Dilbon, the instructor, has a profound hearing loss and is legally deaf. Deborah has a BS in Criminal Justice and has studied Signed English for nine years.

3/19- 5/7, Wednesday (8 sessions)
6:00-7:30 PM
ACM: H-4
Instructor: Deborah Dilbon
Course Cost: $44.00
Maryland Senior Course Cost: $9.00