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Debt-Free Living (C/S168)

Invest in your debt! In this class, students will learn how to get completely out of debt including credit cards, student loans, and mortgages and ultimately avoid a debt disaster. No financial planning, no insurance policies, no outside investments will be promoted or sold. The instructor will provide practical advice and proven methodology. No matter the situation, whether you make $15,000 or $150,000, have good credit or no credit, investing in your debt is essential to survival in today's economy. This class is not limited to those with debt problems, but for everyone who makes payments and realizes that they don't want to do it forever. The average family can pay off all of their consumer debt in 1-3 years and pay off their mortgage in an additional 3-4 years. This can be accomplished by using the money you are already earning and applying a linear math variable path methodology. The instructor will teach students simple, powerful and proven strategies that work every time.

Students will receive free website access for personal use to aid at home. The instructor, Linda Banks, holds a B.S. in Education from California State University in Pennsylvania. She has been teaching debt elimination topics for over 10 years. Students should bring a calculator and their debts to personalize their private experience for debt elimination. Skeptics welcome!

4/28- 4/29, Monday & Tuesday (2 Sessions)
6:00-8:00 PM
ACM: CE-20 (4/28), CE-19 (4/29)
Instructor: Linda Banks
Course Cost: $59.00 (includes free website access for personal use at home)
Maryland Senior Course Cost: $54.00
(Optional text: payable first night of class for an additional $42.00)