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Cumberland Architectural Walking Tour: (C/S 026)

Petula Clark may have talked the talk but participants on this popular living history tour will walk the walk. Join local historian, instructor and guide Ellen McDaniel-Weissler as she leads participants on two interesting walking tours in one day. The morning will begin with a stroll through Cumberland's Washington Street historic district. Learn the fascinating history of the architecture, the homes and who lived in them, the way life was when the City of Cumberland was founded, the detail and labor that went into each structure, and maybe even find out who lives there now. The tour will then progress to Downtown Cumberland for a small respite in which tour goers can enjoy a leisurely lunch at one of the many featured restaurants and cafes. Stroll the charming shops and catch spring in bloom. After 90 minutes of independent strolling, Ms. McDaniel-Weissler will regroup the tour for a stroll and a chat about the downtown architecture. As you walk, learn intriguing facts about the design of the buildings in Maryland's Queen City. Go beyond the Steeples and find the Gargoyles! It's a tour bound to open your eyes. Be a tourist in your own hometown and find out things you never knew you never knew. Participants will park at their own desired parking spots and meet at the Western Maryland Train Station for the beginning of the tour. Wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes!

Saturday, May 17, 2014
9:30 AM-3:00 PM
Total Trip Cost: $19.00

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