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Beginners Woodcarving (C/S299)

I've never carved wood before. How do I get started? Do I need a special kind of wood and where do I get it? Will carving require a lot of tools before I can start? Is a pattern used? How do I use it and where can I get them? Do you have a simple project to help me get started? All these questions and more will be addressed and exercised during a fun and interesting class. Go beyond whittling. Get your mind wrapped around an art form appreciated for generations. Participants will learn basic woodworking skills and will leave the course having created their own carved wooden owl and also with tools necessary to continue the craft. Materials, including a carving knife, carving glove and block of wood are supplied. About the instructor: When automobile customer service specialist Richard "Pete" Peterson of Ridgeley, West Virginia realized there was not a single woodcarving organization locally he set out to change that. When he began pursuing woodcarving as a serious hobby, he was on a new mission. Today, Pete has honed his craft, traveling to craft shows, woodworking events and festivals. "When I started carving, I met with a master carver, and I asked him - what do I need to learn how to do that? And his answer was 'a good knife and a box of Band-Aids' and I got both."

3/3-3/31, Mondays (5 Sessions)
6:00-8:00 PM
ACM: H-19
Instructor: "Pete" Peterson
Course Cost: $69.00