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Introduction to Personal and Self Reflection (C/S215)

In today's hectic and hurried society, we all need some down time. Learn how to find your own inner peace in this new course designed solely for personal enrichment which focuses on new and time proven methods of meditation, self-awareness and finding positive inner peace and harmony within one's own life. Participants will learn tips for finding your center, blocking out negative distractions, healthier breathing, and physical exercises that combine yoga and other ancient techniques to target destressing and uncomplicating your life. The instructor is Chris Loar, a local yoga instructor who has studied meditation and relaxation techniques with masters of the skill. Chris is a certified personal fitness trainer who also teaches for Life Fitness Management, Retro Fit, and for the Cumberland YMCA.

4/1-6/3, Tuesday (10 sessions)
6:00-7:30 PM
ACM: CE Green Room
Instructor: Chris Loar
Course Cost: $64.00
Maryland Senior Course Cost: $9.00