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Silent Sons and Perfect Daughters (HSP552)

This workshop will focus on developing an appreciation for gender differences in the treatment of and the recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. The focus will be not only on the addicted person, but also on sons and daughters of alcoholics and drug addicts. Additionally it will focus on how dysfunctional families effect gender development and, in turn, to assess how this development effects personal change for women and men. An appreciation for gender implications in alcohol and drug usage patterns, etiological differences, relapse and recovery issues, and associated problems will be addressed. This workshop will not treat women and men from dysfunctional families as victims, but rather as survivors and will concentrate on strengths found in those from dysfunctional families regardless of adverse conditions. An internal and external model for intervention and treatment will be presented.

3/10, Monday (1 session)
9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
ACM: CE-12-14
Instructor: Dr. Robert Ackerman
Course Cost: $94.00

Coming up: Fall 2014
48th Institute on Medicine & Religion
HIV/AIDS Conference
Johns Hopkins
AIDS Training Center