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Ethics for the Heath Care Professional (CHE363)

Health care professionals are confronted with difficult ethical decisions on a near daily basis. They need tools that can help them to think about these decisions, and to justify these decisions to patients, families, peers, and the general public. The overall aim of this day-long course is to provide practical skills and knowledge that can be applied to the process of health care decision-making. Through lectures, case studies, and discussions, students will develop a better understanding of ethical problems frequently encountered in the health care environment and possible methods of addressing these problems. Contact hours for PT's, nurses, psychologists, addictions counselors, social workers and professional counselors. For more information, call 301-784-5526.

3/21, Friday (1 session)
9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
ACM: CE- 8
Instructor: Mike Mathias, PhD
Course Cost: $89.00
Maryland Senior Course Cost: $84.00