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Dental Hygiene Update and Table Clinics 2014 (CHE 756)

Morning session 9:00 AM - 12 noon: "Patient Health, Not Just Oral Health."
This presentation discusses current concepts of periodontal disease development and progression including; biofilm, bacterial invasion of the gingiva, the immuno-inflammatory response and risk factor identification and management. The interconnections between periodontal disease, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes are also examined. The presentation concludes with a discussion of salivary diagnostics and the incorporation of research findings into daily practice to enhance patient care.

Instructor: Dr. Richard Nagelberg, DDS
ACM: CC Zimmer Theatre
May 2, Friday

Afternoon session 1:00 -4:00 p.m.: Dental Hygiene Table Clinics.

Join us for Allegany College of Maryland Dental Hygiene Program's presentation of table clinics, featuring presentations by sophomore students.

Dental professionals have 2 options: spend the day or attend only the afternoon table clinics.

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM.
All day Dental Hygiene Update - CHE 756
Includes Dr. Nagelberg, lunch and table clinics. 6 contact hours
Course cost: $89.00
Maryland Senior Cost: $84.00

1:00 - 4:00 PM,
Afternoon Table Clinics only - CHE 593
3 contact hours
Course cost: $35.00 (does not include lunch)
Maryland Senior Cost: $30.00