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Lead Paint Maintenance and Repainting Supervisor (VTE700)

This course meets MDE requirements for those who supervise lead paint maintenance and repainting in rental properties in Maryland. This course covers responsibilities of rental property owners under COMAR 26.16.01-.04. This regulation applies to contractors who may disturb lead paint in rental properties; supervisor's role in protecting workers' health/safety from lead exposure; and insurance/liability issues. Hands-on lead hazard control activities will be included. At least one certified supervisor must be present where maintenance or home improvement projects will disturb lead paint in rental properties in order to meet Maryland rental property laws.

5/15 & 5/16, Thursday & Friday (2 sessions)
8:30 AM- 4:30 PM
Instructor: Chris Gunther
Course Cost: $239.00
Maryland Senior Course Cost: $229.00