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Chemical Feed Applications and Mathematics (VTE453)

Effective chemical application is essential to the treatment of water and wastewater. This course will start with an open discussion of chemical feed applications in both the water and wastewater treatment fields. A workshop focusing on calculating chemical feed dosages will follow. The workshop includes calculating the capacity of tanks, flow rates, and chemical dosages for disinfection, de-chlorination, odor control, coagulation, and corrosion control. Students will progress at their own pace through multiple and progressively more difficult quizzes. This course does not cover activated sludge processes. Please note: this class is limited to 15 participants. Each participant should bring a calculator to class.

4/10, Thursday (1 session)
8:00 AM-4:00 PM
ACM: CE-20
Instructor: Paula Martin
Course Cost: $139.00
Maryland Senior Course Cost: $134.00