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Interview & Interrogation with Forensic Statement Analysis an Intensive 3-Day Workshop (PRO291)

April 29, 30, May 1, 2014

8:30-4:30 PM


ACM: Allegany College of Marylnad
12401 Willowbrook Road Cumberland, MD
This is essential training for Patrol Officers, Detectives, Human Resources, Internal Affairs, Hostage Negotiators ... virtually ANYONE who needs to determine the truth and detect deception.


In this workshop you will learn:

  • The 3 questions of the verbal lie detector
  • The 16 Evasive Verbal Responses (EVRs) and their antidotes
  • How to perform your job more SAFELY and efficiently
  • How to understand & confirm non-verbal body language
  • How a BETTER statement will make you a BETTER interviewer
  • To arrange the room AND conduct an interrogation in 12 easy steps
  • Become a Human Lie Detector in any situation. . . and so much more!

Interview & Interrogation along with Forensic Statement Analysis (FSA) is a process that YOU can perform to get the truth and confessions. Learn the latest techniques defense attorney's fear. Analyze a person's own written or spoken words. In this workshop you will learn possibly the most valuable skills a modern day investigator can possess. Your instructor is Gary Aschenbach, a 25 year veteran of the Maryland State Police who served in patrol as well as 8 years undercover, as a criminal investigator, supervisor and trainer. He is a recognized expert across the country and has presented this training internationally since 1996 to thousands of investigators. Gary presents actual cases, along with years of his own personal experiences that are sure to motivate and interest even the most seasoned investigator. Don't pass up this opportunity to increase your skill set and elevate your own success.
Complete 3-Day Training only $295.00

For more information, please contact Rebecca Ruppert @ 301-784-5338 or Students may also vist Law-Tech Consultants, LLC at for further information.

To register, please call (301) 784-5341