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Sexual Offenses: Maryland’s Legal Approach (PRO753)

This course will cover the break-down of the Maryland Sex Offense Statutes, testimonial evidence in the wake of Crawford, changes in the sex offender laws and registration requirements, recommended investigation techniques to include witness interviews and recovery of physical evidence, Acute vs. Non-Acute cases, and specific case examples and lessons learned from them. This course will also cover Jane Doe reporting and why it acts as a tool for law enforcement to increase sex assault, explain the basics for DNA submission procedures, and explain the role of the Child Advocacy Center as well as an overview of how the juvenile court system differs in charging/investigating child sexual offenders. This course has been approved by the Maryland Police Training Commissions for 4 hours in-service.

6/9, Monday (1 Session)
12:00 PM-4:30 PM
Instructor: MPCTC
Course Cost: $4.00