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What Do Alumni Say About the Business Programs at Allegany College of Maryland?

Here is a sample of what recent Allegany College of Maryland business graduates have to say about their experience:

" Allegany College of Maryland gave me the opportunity to explore many different career options and provided excellent educational resources to help me succeed."

Jackie Wolfe
ACM Business Alumnus
Contract Negotiator National Aeronautics and Space Administration  (NASA)


"The Somerset County Campus was the best solution for my college education because of the location, cost and the flexibility of scheduling classes around my family and work.  An invaluable asset of the college is the experience that faculty bring with them to the classroom as not only educators but as everyday business people."

Charlene Murray
Graduate, Business Management


"My experiences at Allegany College of Maryland were all positive.  The class sizes were not so large that you felt isolated from the instructor, and all the instructors provided support even out of the classroom.  Without the Bedford County Campus it would not have been possible for me to pursue a degree and spend time with my wife and kids."

Craig Clark
Graduate, Business Management


"My experience at Allegany College of Maryland was wonderful...  it was a great transition step for my college career.  The professors at ACM seemed to care a great deal about the student's education.  ACM has small class sizes and a perfect learning environment for those students that enjoy one on one access to your teacher.  Also, it was nice knowing that all my credits would easily transfer to Frostburg State University.  Overall, my experience with ACM was enjoyable.  I would recommend ACM to anyone looking for a nice, student friendly environment."

Matt Mellott
ACM Business Alumnus
Frostburg State University Graduate