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Democracy Commitment Events

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WHAT: The National Issues Forums will broadcast a Live Stream from the National Press Club on The Changing World of Work: What Should We Ask of Higher Education?

WHEN: Wednesday(1//21) at 9 a.m. to noon.  You can come and go as your schedule requires.  

WHERE: College Center loft

The impressive national panel will discuss:  What kind of economy do we want? Given momentous changes in the economy and the workplace, what should we expect of American higher education? Do our colleges and universities bear some responsibility for the challenges facing young graduates today? Do they owe it to society to train a new generation of entrepreneurs, innovators, job creators, and citizen leaders? And do we still look to them to be the engines of social progress and economic development they have been in the past? During this event, new resources will be released meant to spark local conversations on these and other questions.